Saturday, August 9, 2008

Minolta 100mm F2.8 Soft Focus

I got this gem of a portrait lens at a store at stock clearance price. I took this lens out for a spin recently and it did not disappoint. Sharpness and bokeh are excellent, and it is quite flare resistant for a big aperture lens. Here are some sample pictures on my first try with the lens. I have not tried the "Soft-Focus" function that it is capable of, but perhaps another day when I get more familiar with it. The focal length of 100mm on my 1.5x crop factor Sony DSLR makes it a little bit too telephoto for portraits, but I still could manage. I feel this lens would really shine on a full frame DSLR though, which I believe Sony would be releasing soon, probably as the A900. Cheers!




Sony 28mm F2.8

I was fortunate enough that the alpha sales consultant in the Sony Style Store allowed me to test the Sony 28mm F2.8 around the vicinity. This small and rather unassuming lens was impressively sharp with nice colours and great bokeh for a wide angle, even though the test shots were taken indoors! He really does know how to tempt me!

Sony 28mm F2.8